Is Hard Water Corroding Your Pipes?

Discover your water softening
options in Syracuse, UT

Hard water damages your clothes and appliances and may even lead to health problems over time. Fortunately, there are a number of water softening options available in Syracuse, UT and the surrounding area.

Wilkinson Plumbing, Inc. offers water softening through a reverse osmosis system. Installation is fast and non-disruptive. Best of all, the effects are immediate.

Kick chlorine and other chemicals out of your drinking water for good by calling 801-927-7745 now.

See why reverse osmosis is the ideal water filtration system

With so many filters on the market, it's tough to tell which is the best one for your home. Wilkinson Plumbing recommends a reverse osmosis system. Water treated with a reverse osmosis water filtration system:

  • Tastes better
  • Lacks hard minerals
  • Helps clothes last longer

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